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Waymarker is a site for everyone who enjoys the peace and beauty of the countryside and green spaces.
Its aim is to gather in one place all the available information to guide users to the best opportunities for them and their families to get the most out of the countryside, whether they are members of a group, looking for a group to join or just wanting to do their own thing.
We will also bring you news of whatís happening around the county that effects your enjoyment of the countryside; good and bad; new opportunities or blots on the landscape. Just subscribe to our newsletter.
But Waymarker isnít just passive, if you know something that you feel needs sharing with other then let us know so that we can pass it on. Or if something is happening that you want to know more about then tell us and weíll investigate, and if necessary organise a campaign of like minded people.
Waymarker is not a commercial operation, at present its run as a paternal dictatorship; in the future we want to make it into a co-operative of users. At present the site concentrates on Northamptonshire, but has been designed so that other counties can be added following a local initiative.
Having discovered Waymarker donít keep it to yourself, tell your friends. And tell us how we can make the site better by emailing us at